About Us

BOX Bioscience was formed with a concentration on health and wellness. It was BOX's mission to bring accessible, affordable, high quality products to the marketplace. Due to the current worldwide health crisis we at BOX have decided to focus all of our efforts into the production of FDA registered BIO by BOX Bioscience hand sanitizer and tuberculocidal broad spectrum disinfectant. 

Made in the USA and FDA registered, BIO by BOX Bioscience hand sanitizer is a liquid-based (non-gel) sanitizer that can be used on both hands and surfaces. It consists of only 4 ingredients (Ethyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Purified Water, and Glycerin), has 2x the sanitizing strength and kills more than 99% of illness causing germs. BIO by BOX Bioscience has 80% alcohol by volume and is formulated using the FDA's most preferred 40-B solution. 

Made in the USA and EPA registered, BIO by BOX Bioscience tuberculocidal broad spectrum disinfectant is the highest level of decontamination. The active ingredient, Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), is derived from naturally-occurring salt minerals and water. HOCl is 100 percent safe for humans and animals, chemical free, non-toxic and all-natural. BIO by BOX Bioscience tuberculocidal broad spectrum disinfectant kills ALL microorganisms, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB), HIV-1 (Aids virus), Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA), Hepatitis A, B, C viruses (HAV, HBV, HCV), bacteria, mycobacterium, viruses enveloped, viruses non-enveloped, fungi, bacterial spores, and yeast. It also meets OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogen Standards. Making it a clear choice to safeguard your home, and your workplace. 

BOX Bioscience is based out of Charleston, SC and all of our products are manufactured in the US.